Saturday, April 2, 2016

Web Adventures

Dear Reader,

If you have found me a second time, welcome back!

I've read that if you want to publish in this digital age, it's best to have a "platform," such as a blog.  Intimidated by tech speak, I hesitated.  Facebook's Personal Blog seemed a user-friendly place to start. So, in October 2014, I began to curate craft posts about non-fiction, memoir and writing, in general.  That blog description is: "Writing personal essay/memoir. Sealed record adoptee, stroke survivor, Air Force daughter."   

You can visit me:

On Coconut Bay Lane

The problem with facebook's blog is that to generate interest the owner must "Boost,"  which is another way to say, "Pay."  Since I'm not an income-producing venture (yet) selling views is not an option for me.  I'd rather spend my spare change on paper books and e-books, or on an occasional writing course, or mentoring. Until a few months ago, I had not begun submitting my work.

The on-line writing courses I've taken were each helpful in finding my writing direction and voice. They've demonstrated fine narrative, memoir, personal essays, flash, hybrid form, etc. Wonderful teachers pushed us to keep writing. Now that I have some work "out there," and plan to publish a chapbook or anthology of personal memoir/essays, it feels time to move ahead with this blog.

I was thrilled to be accepted to the March issue of Gravel Literary Magazine, for "When Work Was Play," 3 brief memoirs. I hope you will enjoy them here:

I have several short non-fiction pieces submitted to various publications at this time. I received the good news yesterday (it was not an April Fools, thankfully!) that my piece, Garden Shadow was live in Wildflower Muse. It's a beautiful e-zine.

You can read my piece here, in the company of lovely artistic work.

Wildflower Muse

Til next time!