Sunday, November 20, 2016

Telling My Stories

Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back

June, 2017 will be 8 years since a massive brain hemorrhage changed my life. I was 57 years old and in good health. It has taken me this long to learn how to tell my story. My hope is that it will be a benefit to other survivors, their caretakers, and family to understand and empathize both the devastation of stroke, and the promise of recovery.
Adenium obesum Desert Rose

Critical to recovery is excellent physical, occupational and speech therapy, which I was blessed to have access to.  The ability of the brain to heal itself  is called neuroplasticity, which, through the repetition of movement, tasks and speech; simply, "working around" damaged brain tissue, stroke sufferers can regain function to a greater or lesser degree.

I am in the process of writing my life stories, and this episode is among the most crucial to me.  I hope you will read and find meaning in this very personal short story.

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